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Pink Eye Treatment From Primary Eyecare & Optical of Meridian

If you are experiencing discomfort in the eyes and suspect you may be suffering from Pink Eye, it is necessary to obtain treatment to help alleviate symptoms quickly and effectively. At the first indication that pink eye is present, give a call to Primary Eyecare & Optical of Meridian for optometry care. Here is some information about this medical condition and how our optometrist can help you find relief if needed.

woman suffering from pink eye

Signs That You May Have Pink Eye

There are several symptoms associated with Pink Eye that people deal with when they are suffering from this condition. Your eyes may have a red or pink-colored tinge to the usually white portions. Itchiness or the feeling that a foreign object is inside of an eye may also be experienced. Pink eye usually comes with a discharge from the eyes. This could be gooey or creamy, clear or yellow substance. When you wake after sleeping, dried discharge may be crusted around your eyes. Many people also experience light sensitivity when they are suffering from pink eye.

Ways To Alleviate Discomfort At Home

If you believe you have pink eye, make an appointment with our optometrist right away for an assessment of your condition. While awaiting your appointment, do not allow others to come into contact with anything you place close to your eyes, such as sunglasses, contact lenses, or cosmetics. Wash your hands frequently to help minimize the chance of spreading the virus. It is also best to avoid rubbing your eyes to decrease the chance of spreading the condition to others.

A warm compress can be used to remove discharge from around your eyes. Placing this compress over your closed eyes could allow relief from itchiness. Keep your curtains or draperies closed to minimize the amount of light in your home to reduce discomfort from light sensitivity as well.

How Optometry Care Can Help

When you visit our optometrist, a complete examination of your eyes is conducted to rule out any other medical conditions that may be causing you distress. If pink eye is definitely to blame for your symptoms, you will receive instruction regarding the proper care of your eyes to help with the avoidance of spreading the virus to others or from one eye to the other. Medication will be prescribed, usually in the form of drops, to decrease discomfort and heal your eyes quickly.

Call Our Optometrist Today!

If you are experiencing symptoms of pink eye, it is best to give Primary Eyecare & Optical of Meridian a call to set up an appointment for an evaluation by our optometry team. Reach out to our practice today at 601-485-2020 for more information about treating this medical condition.