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Glaucoma Treatment with Your Optometrist in Meridian

When you visit a Meridian optometrist and learn about an eye condition, it may raise questions about your options for treatment and long-term visual health. At Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian, an eye doctor evaluates your situation and recommends treatment solutions for long-term eye care after determining the current level of vision loss associated with the condition. 

Woman getting checked for glaucoma at her optometrist.

Glaucoma Treatment in Meridian

Glaucoma refers to a type of vision condition associated with excess pressure in your eyes. The complex condition damages the optic nerve in the eyes and leads to vision loss. Without proper glaucoma treatment and eye care, it may cause blindness. While it is not possible to completely cure the condition without surgical solutions, it may be possible to slow the progression of the condition until you decide on the next course of action for your eyes and visual health.

Treatment Options

The treatment options for glaucoma recommended by an eye doctor in our clinic depends on your situation and eyes. We may suggest medicated eye drops as a first effort to slow the progression of the condition; however, it may not always be possible to avoid more complex treatments if the condition progresses or was not caught at an early stage.

If eye drops are not appropriate for your situation, then we may suggest a pill medication. Be sure to discuss any other medications you take with an eye doctor to avoid interactions or complications with different side effects. Over time, we may recommend surgical procedures to correct your vision and stop or slow the progression of the condition.

We help you find the right professional for the surgical procedure that fits your situation and needs. Laser treatments and traditional surgical procedures are an option and you must consider the type of glaucoma impacting your vision before deciding on an appropriate treatment measure. We help you make a decision and provide after-surgery care to help you recover as your eyes heal. If you decide to go through a surgical procedure, then we may recommend more regular visits and check-ups to help your eyes heal and stay up-to-date with the amount of pressure in your eyes.

Contact Your Meridian Optometrist to Talk About Glaucoma Treatment Today!

The primary reason you want glaucoma treatment at an early stage is that you can prevent further damages to your optic nerve and maintain your vision. When you do not treat the condition, it may worsen at a rapid pace and cause blindness. Early treatment allows you to slow or stop the progression of damage to your optic nerve and surgical procedures may help correct your vision. If you wait too long, then the damage to your eyes may be too severe to correct your vision.

Glaucoma treatment allows you to address the damage to your eyes and prevent further damages over time. You want to treat the condition at an early stage to prevent permanent changes to your vision. For more details about treatment options or an appointment, contact us at 601-485-2020  today.