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Pediatric Vision Exams

Did you know that good vision may be the most important key to your child's grades in school? Up to half of all children who are having problems in school can tie their academic troubles to poor eyesight. The American Optometric Association says that 25 percent of all school children have vision problems, and a large percentage of them suffer from poor eyesight for months or years before having their vision corrected. At Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian, we schedule multiple vision screenings before children reach school age, and ask for them to return on a regular basis to monitor their eyesight. pediatric vision exams from our optometrist in meridian

Pediatric Eye Care: How Young is Too Young?

Your child's pediatrician may take a look at your baby's eyes, but only a pediatric eye care professional can truly tell if your child's eyesight is developing correctly. Our eye doctors like to give a child's first eye exam at six months of age. That may seem too young to tell anything, but the doctors will check your child's pupil responses, the ability of its eyes to focus on an object and follow it around, and its preference in looking at patterns vs. blank pages. These test can tell if your child's eyesight is developing well.

Older children should have their eyes checked at three years, and once again before they start school. During these exams, our eye doctors will check for nearsightedness and farsightedness, as well as common conditions such as lazy eye, crossed or misaligned eyes, focusing ability and color perception. 

Signs of Pediatric Vision Problems

Children can rarely tell when they're having problems with their eyesight. After all, they don't have anything to compare their current sight to. It's important for you to make sure your child has a regular eye exam every two years after she starts school. In between, it's important that you watch for signs that her eyesight may need correcting. Some of the most common behaviors kids exhibit are:

  • Frequently rubbing the eyes
  • Won't make eye contact
  • Excessive blinking
  • Inability to remain to stare at an object
  • Complaints about not being able to see the front of the classroom
  • An unexplained drop in school grades

Any of these signs can mean your child may need vision correction, and they're all a reason to schedule your child for an eye examination. 

Looking for Meridian Optometrists? Call us Today!

Your child's eyesight is key for her success in school, as well as for after-school and leisure activities. if your child hasn't had an eye examination in at least a year, call our office at 601-485-2020 to make an appointment with our Meridian optometrists.