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Polarized Eyeglasses and Sunglasses at Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian​

No matter how precisely your eyeglasses may compensate for refractive errors, your vision may still be impaired by irritatingly bright light. What you may not realize, however, is that even prescription sunglasses may not be sufficient to combat the effects of light bounced from the ground or water into your eyes at horizontal angles. For this type of glare, you need a special kind of lens technology called polarization -- and we can provide it for you here at Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian.

polarized eyeglasses at primary eyecare and optical of meridian

Glare vs. Polarization 

When you suffer the blinding, fatiguing phenomenon we call glare, you're experiencing the result of sunlight or some other strong light source being reflected off of a surface in all directions. But certain surfaces such as bodies of water, snowy slopes, sand dunes, and highways are especially good at reflecting and scattering the sun's rays in a horizontal orientation. This intensifies the intensity of the light that enters your eyes, possibly to the extent that you cannot see clearly enough for safe driving, boating or other activities. While sunglasses can reduce the overall brightness level of the light passing through your lenses, they cannot filter out this specific form of glare. Additionally, if you're recovering from cataract surgery or working near a sunny window, you may need a glare solution that doesn't involve tinted lenses.

Polarization gives you the extra degree of protection your eyes sorely need, whether you use it in sunglasses or in your everyday indoor eyeglasses. This filtering technique can be built right into the lenses or applied over them as a chemical coating. It specifically blocks light traveling at horizontal angles, much as Venetian blinds block out light passing through a window from one direction. This filters out the annoying glare while still permitting you to see clearly. Polarization can prove extremely helpful for:

  • Swimmers
  • Fishing and boating enthusiasts
  • Commercial drivers
  • Skiers
  • Anyone who suffers from light hypersensitivity due to an eye condition

Polarized Lenses and Other Options From Our Optometrists in Meridian

Our optometrists in Meridian, Dr. Duong and Dr. Dooley, can discuss your vision needs and lifestyle to determine whether polarized lenses make sense for you. We can provide polarized prescription sunglasses in a variety of tints to block glare, reduce eyestrain and enhance outdoor safety. If you need indoor polarization, we can provide clear eyeglasses. (For computer workers who make frequent use of LCD screens, we may recommend blue-filtering lenses instead, since polarized filters actually block the same light that makes LCD displays visible to the eye.)

Visit Our Eye Doctors in Meridian Today!

You'll love the relief polarized lenses can offer, as well as the range of beautiful designer frames you can get them in. Our eye doctors in Meridian are ready to serve your needs, so call 601-485-2020 to schedule a visit to our clinic! We look forward to meeting with you!